Here are the answers to some questions you may have about visiting us at Calvary Lutheran:

Will I know what to do during the service?
Our worship bulletin has information in it about when we stand, when we sit, what songs we sing, even announcements and scripture passages. This is done to make worship with us as simple and easy to follow as possible. Our hymnal (Evangelical Lutheran Worship) as well as bibles can be found in front of you in the pew. There are also ushers and your neighbors in worship who would be more than happy to help out!

Do I have to dress up?
Absolutely not! Come to our community and you will see some people in dresses and suits and others in jeans and tee shirts and everything in between. All are welcome, no strings attached.

Are my children welcome in worship?
ALL CHILDREN ARE WELCOME in our community gatherings and in worship. We have a number of young and active children here, and the sounds of young people in our midst brings joy and life to our congregation. Should your child need a break, we have a nursery on the main level for children ages 0-3. The nursery is not staffed so you will have to stay with your child. There is a speaker so you can still hear and follow worship. We also offer a children’s message during the service for children through 2nd grade. In addition you will find activity bags in the entrance at the back of the worship space for the children to use during worship.  If you need assistance, please see an usher who will be more than happy to help.

Are you going to tell me what’s wrong with me?
If someone tells you the good news, and it doesn’t sound like good news, it is not good news! Our message is based on God’s never ending love for all of creation. We are loved so much, Christ has set us free from what weighs us down and gives us new hope. Our community is based on this hope and radical grace. We are not a community that dwells in what we have done wrong, but rejoices in how we have been forgiven. In response to this grace, we seek to live out lives of love and service to God and our neighbor.