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Calvary is a cornerstone for our family and the foundation of our children’s journey of faith. A few years ago, we started searching for a new church home.  Immediately upon entering the doors and becoming acquainted with the people of Calvary, we knew we found that home.   

One of the reasons that we love Calvary is the commitment and dedication of including youth in every part of church. From children having opportunities for active, formal roles in the worship service to getting hands-on experience with following Jesus’ path in helping our neighbors. This consistent dedication to grow faith for upcoming generations is a blessing in our family.

We feel enormous gratitude and respect for the genuine love and dedication of Calvary staff and congregation.  This consistent devotion to cultivate grace and love in our church and community is incredibly special.  We are so excited to be a part of Calvary.  We look forward to the many ways Calvary’s stewardship will continue to change and enhance lives within the church and our community. 

Tracy, Amy, Lucy & Rex Jones 

Calvary has had a big impact on my life, especially my middle/high school and current college experience. During my sophomore year of high school, Calvary’s pastors and youth leader encouraged me to get involved with the Lutheran Youth Organization (LYO). I ended up joining the planning committee for the state gathering. With Calvary’s support I had the courage to stand in front of thousands of high schoolers to share my faith journey.  This was frightening for me, but God’s love gives me the strength to do things I once thought I was too scared to do. 

Since then I have spent two summers as a counselor at Lutheridge. Continuing to share my faith, while also learning about myself. I’m now in my sophomore year of college as a communications major. I hope to use my voice  as a tool for change, through advocacy and encouraging others.  

Editha Spahn

When we retired and moved to Morganton we chose Calvary as our new church home as we wanted to be rooted in our community through service.  We found both things here: roots and service opportunities!

It all started with an invitation. One member stopped by our home with a small welcome gift and an invitation to attend Lenten services. That couple then sat with us and introduced us to others at Calvary. Soon there were other invitations: “Come have breakfast with us after service,” “Come work with us at BUCM soup kitchen,” “Come join us as we serve breakfast for our neighbors,” “Come and sing with the choir.”

Calvary taught us that invitation is the start of hospitality, welcome, and inclusion.  We were even invited to begin new ministries for our Calvary family to join in on: the backpack feeding, back to school Forest Hill, community encouragement, and the list grows as generosity begets generosity!

What a cloud of witnesses we have found here at Calvary. The invitation and accompaniment feeds our souls!

Ruth & Garry Vogelpohl

I have always been interested in passing on the faith to younger generations.  Teaching Calvary’s  Sunday School curriculum, called Godly Play, for many years has made a major impact on my own faith formation. 

Godly Play teaches how to wonder along with God and I think it is in all those years of wondering that the Spirit reveals the beauty, truth, and impact God’s Word has made in my life. 

Calvary’s acceptance and encouragement in learning God’s Word gives our children the opportunity to wonder as one body in Christ. It is more than a blessing to both watch and grow in faith alongside them.  It is a joy!

Beth Spahn

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